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At OpenAir UAV Flight Training, our commitment to safety and regulation is reflected in the professionalism of our instructors and the large number of redundant safety features in the learning management systems we use. UAV pilots and sensor operators are in high demand as unmanned aerial vehicle technology and its applications continue to grow each day. Now is your chance to get into this exciting field at the ground level. One of the greatest perks of getting your UAV flight training certificate online is that it allows you to train anywhere.

Why choose our online UAV program?

      • Our online theory is comprehensive, clear, and easy-to-understand.
      • Pass your written tests with ease after completing one of our programs.
      • Packed with practical teaching, you’ll move beyond the written onto the field.
      • Presented in a fun and personalized way, you’ll be anything but bored.
      • Choose from the following formats: video class, pre-recorded class, or individual subjects.
      • Order just the topics you need or signup for an entire program.

We understand that providing these features is just one part of the equation. The other is recognizing the prime role operators need to play in ensuring the technology is implemented and executed following safety protocols. For that reason, we include with each package an extensive ten-part training and flight certification program within the regulatory framework. Our consistent objective is to work in tandem with industry regulators while delivering well defined, professional programs.


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