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Why choose Capri/CMW for your UAV Insurance?


Calvin Reich, our UAV Insurance expert is a commercial pilot himself giving him unique insight and knowledge. Speaker at Unmanned Systems Canada 2014 & 2015. Connect with Calvin on Linkedin

Lisa Doughty brings 30 years of Insurance knowledge to the Team specializing for the last 8 years on Commercial Liability / Contract Liability including Aviation.

Corporate Member of Unmanned Systems Canada

Involved Directly with Transport Canada

If you are a business owner using a UAV for videography or photography in your business, you will need UAV insurance. Due to regulations by Transport Canada this can be a complex issue to navigate but we are here to help. Our team have direct Access to all Aviation Markets and offer In-House UAV Package Program

We have a number of coverage options available:

  • UAV Liability (To Satisfy Transport Canada & Contract Requirements)
  • Hull Coverage
  • Ground Based Equipment
  • Premise Liability
  • Program Specific to the Film Industry

CAPRI Insurance has built an excellent reputation in the UAV industry. We have a 24 hour claims service…there when you need us most.


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