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110 Hour Comprehensive Program


  • 30 hours Home Study
  • 40 Hours Ground School
  • 40 Hours Practical Flying Course.

$2,400 + HST

Do you want to become a professional RPAS pilot? More and more people are flying RPAS’s. Transport Canada regulates their use to keep the public and our airspace safe. Before taking to the skies, make sure you understand the risks and learn how to avoid them. As a pilot, you are responsible for flying a RPAS safely and legally. In Canada, you must follow the rules of the Canadian Aviation Regulations – Section 602.41 – Unmanned Air Vehicles.


No prior experience is required. The Professional RPAS Pilot  Program consists of five phases.

Phase 1:

RPAS Ground School – 10 hours home study with OpenAir supplied course materials and manuals. Here you will study a variety of topics, which will prepare you for the on-site classroom sessions.

Phase 2:  

RPAS Ground School – 40 hours classroom study with one of our expert instructors at our on-site training facility. You will cover all topics found in the Transport Canada (TP 15263E) document “Recommended Knowledge Requirements” for Pilots of RPAS systems 25kg or less, Operating within Visual Line of Sight.

Phase 3:

Simulation – 10 hours home study with a supplied RPAS PC-based simulation software & transmitter. For phase 3, you will have access to a variety of RPAS’s with which to practice flying.

Phase 4:

Practical Flying – 10 hours home study with a supplied OpenAir RPAS trainer and transmitter. In this phase, you will be required to learn how to perform certain flying exercises prior to arriving for the on-site sessions.

Phase 5:

RPAS Practical Hands-on Flight Training – 40 hours of training is provided by one of our expert flight instructors at our on-site flight school. During this phase, you will learn and practice your flying skills in our indoor and outdoor training areas.

Included in the program price:

  • A log book for the student to document all his/her training hours.
  • PC – Computer Simulation Software and Remote Control Transmitter
  • Small RPAS Trainer and Transmitter
  • Course Materials, Books and Manuals

* At the end of the program, students will receive the OpenAir Professional RPAS Pilot certificate, which will indicate 50 hours of RPAS Ground School and  60 hours of RPAS Practical Flight Training for a total of 110 hours of training.


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