• 5 Days – Duration
  • 40 Hours – Ground School
  • 10 Hours – Home Study


$650.00 + HST



Our RPAS Pilot Ground School Program covers all topics found in the Transport Canada (TP 15163E) “Recommended Knowledge Requirements” for Pilots of RPAS systems 25kg or less, Operating within Line of Sight.

Transport Canada (TC) has announced that the new regulations coming into force by June 1st, 2019. Learn how to prepare for your advanced examination (required by Transport Canada). Upon completion of our RPAS Pilot Ground School Program, participants will be ready to complete the knowledge examination in which a passing grade of 80% must be achieved.

An OpenAir RPAS Pilot Ground School certificate will be issued to those who pass the course. As Transport Canada prepares to regulate and license commercial RPAS operators, passing the knowledge examination will give participants a major leg up when commercial RPAS use is integrated into the national airspace.

In order to fly a commercial RPAS, operators in Canada must apply to Transport Canada for a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) – until June 1st, 2019. Much like a flight plan for a conventional aircraft, the SFOC includes all the information relating to the intended use of the RPAS. The other two areas are RPAS system design standards and operator requirements.

SFOC application approvals may be granted more quickly if the pilot has passed an approved RPAS course, as proof of knowledge.

Transport Canada will be issuing a pilot permit that is specific to small RPAS systems (250 grams to 25 kilograms), and restricted to Visual Line of Sight operation.

As with other licences, applicants will have to complete a training course and write an examination, with a 80% passing grade.

RPAS Pilot Ground School subjects include the following:

Canadian Air Regulations (CARs) Human Factors
Principles of Flight Meteorology
Airports & Aerodromes Radio Operators Certificate (ROC)
Special Flight Operator Cert Pilot Decision Making Manual
Risk Assessment Preparation for the Advanced Examination Process


Reference Books:

We provide the following study guides which are included with the course fee:

Canada Flight Supplement VFR
AIM Navigation Chart
Aeronautical Map

* After having passed our exam with a grade of 80% or above, students will be issued, upon successful completion of the 50 hour RPAS Pilot Ground School Program, an OpenAir “RPAS Pilot Ground School certificate”.


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