OpenAir offers training programs designed to prepare students in becoming LIGHT RPAS PILOTS in a growing, innovative industry.


The programs are designed to allow students freedom in planning their training schedules.

*Any programs requiring on location segment are done at a pre-determined location with a minimum of 6 students registered..

Once you have completed your online training and have taken your advanced examination you can contact us to get your flight review scheduled – get in touch!

If you select one of our regular or plus online courses, we will provide you with a free document pertaining to flight reviews (what to expect).

List of Certificate Courses offered:


OpenAir’s  LIGHT program puts the student in the drivers seat with the tools and modules which delivers a quicker flow for the motivated self starter that may have some understanding of the multitude of steps required to deploy, or as an intro for the person wanting to go about it in smaller steps.


$199.00 + HST


Our REGULAR training program prepare students on the 5w’s of the industry. Understanding the proper steps to follow and knowing how to handle them.

This program allows students access to our members only reference library with added documents pertaining to the new regulation, advanced examination/preparation – and still have control in planning their timetable.


$245.00 + HST


INCLUDES:  Ground School & Home Study Practical Flying

OpenAir offers the PLUS training program designed to prepare students in becoming PROFESSIONAL LIGHT RPAS PILOTS in a growing, innovative industry. This program is designed to allow students freedom in planning their training schedules, and give them additional tools to be better prepared for deployments.

Also included – materiels relating to your advanced examination and what to expect at your flight review!

Books, and charts with exercise instructions are included in the purchase price!


$499.00 + HST

Online reference library:

  • All registered students (PLUS and REGULAR entrollments) receive a password to access a large library of documents related to the industry, Transport Canada subject matter, templates and helpful tips for better experience and safe flights.

Once you have completed your online training, you may request supplemental support and/or consulting on the following items:


  • Risk Management and Operation Manual
  • Transport Canada Regulatory Environment, Business Operations, Flight Logging
  • Flight Review

Other Products:

  • RPAS Starter Kit – Includes an at home flight simulator package, Small practice RPAS and Transmitter


* Custom Certificate Programs available: Contact us. *

Upon successful completion of the Ground School Program and having passed our exam with a grade of 70% or above, students will be issued a OpenAir “Ground School RPAS Pilot Certificate”.


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