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OpenAir RPAS Flight Training

If you are looking for safety equipment and products online, then there is no other place better than our online store to find the right gear for the job. Whether you are looking for your new setup, for your workers, OpenAir is just the place for you.

Our list of products include eye protection, safety equipment, field accessories, safety helmets, or work wear to name a few.

Browse our line of related RPAS business products, and be ready for deployment!


OpenAir offers an opportunity to have training courses come to your facility, with some prerequisites for programs needing to be met.

From regulations, to simulations, to practicals, OpeAir has several options at your disposal.




Whether you are a beginner or pro, OpenAir offers a line of field accessories which is a must in promoting effective and safe deployments.

Have your team members ready and organized with the tools needed during operations.



We offer Aeronautical Information Products used by pilots operating in Canadian airspace.

Products include aeronautical charts, aeronautical publications, NOTAM, the Canadian NOTAM Procedures Manual and more.



Our courses teach you regulations, develop skills and strategic management from the comfort of your home or office.

Set your own pace, and choose the program that will build your deployment knowledge and execute safe flights.




Our online store offers occupational safety supplies and safety equipment, including personal protective equipment and emergency response equipment.

Choose from individual items displayed or save time and order our field kit.



OpenAir has a line of apparel available for everyone in the industry.

Select from our standard designs or show your company logo in a professional way with our classic, loose-fitting tees. Available in 2 colours.

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